Your best friend’s birthday. Your wedding announcement. The birth of a child. The death of a loved one. Commemorate and immortalise these sacred and special moments by sending a message to space where it’ll travel for trillions of years.

Send a message to space ✨

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Say hello to the universe

Craft your message and send it using our unique technology. Our parabolic radio transmitter will send your message into space. There’s no limit to the distance your message can travel. It’ll hurtle at the speed of light through space for eternity!

You’ll be emailed a certificate to confirm your message has been sent to space which you can share on social media, print, or gift to a loved one. We also plant a tree in your name too 🌱

Celebrate special moments with a gift the universe will never forget

The perfect present for any space lover. Buy a gift pack and get sent a certificate that'll allow the recipient to craft their own message and send it into space.

All they need to do is visit Send a Message to Space and use the code within the certificate to make the order free.


If your question isn't answered here or if you've got a specific request – like bulk-messaging or press enquiries – feel free to contact us and a friendly human will get back to you ASAP.

How does it work? 📡

When you submit an order, it enters our queue. Using our own, custom-built software, we encode your message into a radio signal and transmit that radio signal into space using something called a parabolic radio transmitter. Each message takes about thirty seconds to send to space.

Radio signals are actually light signals meaning they travel at the speed of light. There’s no limit to how far your message will travel. It will literally move through space at the speed of light forever!

You'll get a digital certificate to confirm your message has been sent to space and we even plant a tree here on planet Earth as part of your order.

Is my message private? 🤫

We don’t routinely look at messages and we definitely don’t publish them. Your order will only be seen by us – but remember that you are sending a message into space. It’s possible it might be detected at some point by something other than us…

Will aliens pick up my message? 👽

The technology we use to send messages to space is the same technology NASA and other space agencies use to monitor radio signals from space. If there exists an alien civilisation with the same kind of technology as us, yes – it’s possible they might hear your message.

Thanks for checking us out. We're brand new! If something looks a bit wonky, email [email protected] and we'll sort you out ❤️

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